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Europäische Kommission

Datum Eingang: 10.10.2018
Arbeitgeber: Europäische Kommission
Bereich Europapolitik


  • Have a university degree or equivalent, of at least 3 years of study, corresponding to a complete cycle (Bachelor's);
  • Have a very good knowledge (C level as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) of two EU official languagues, one of which must be a procedural language: English or French or German. For non EU nationals only one procedural language is required.
  • Have no prior work experience of any kind, in excess of 6 weeks in any EU institution, body or agency, EU delegations, with Members of Parliament (MEPs) or Advocates General at the EUCJ.
  • Openess to European issues
  • Interest in learning about Commission working methods
  • Willingness to work in a multicultural environment
  • Contribution to everyday work with a fresh point of view
  • Proactive attitude

The Blue Book Internship:

The Virtual Blue Book (VBB) is a database containing the CVs of all candidates who successfully pass both phases of the pre-selection: the assessment and the eligibility check.

For each session it contains about 2000 candidates of whom around 650 will become trainees.

The Blue Book becomes available for all Commission services and agencies to consult.

Directorates and Commission's Agencies consult the VBB to find the best candidates for their areas of work.

Some of them prefer to contact candidates directly, while others rely on the applications and choose not to make direct contact.

All Directorates prepare their preferences among lists of candidates.

Some days later, the VBB is opened to all services for actual reservation.

Receiving a traineeship offer in a particular DG or Service will depend on the number of positions available. There is a code of conduct among Directorates-General when it comes to selection. If 2 DGs, services or agencies were to try to recruit the same candidate, the DG ranked highest in candidate's preference, would automatically take priority.

The Internship offers:

EU knowledge – insight into the processes and policies of the European Institutions

Practical experience – an opportunity to play a part in the Commission's day-to-day business

Opportunity to put academic theory into practice

Trainees work all over the European Commission/Services/Agencies mostly in Brussels, but also in Luxembourg and across the European Union.


The content of the job depends on the service you are assigned to.

You may, for example, work in the field of competition law, human resources, environmental policy etc.

  • Attending and organising meetings, working groups, forums, public hearings
  • Researching and compiling documentation, reports, consultations, answering queries
  • Running projects


1,176.83€ per month + travel/visa reimbursements
Dauer: 5 Monate
  • March to end July
  • October to end February of the following year.
Internetadresse:  https://traineeships.ec.europa.eu/de/about

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