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ICA Toronto 2023

Vorträge der Abteilung Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaft auf der ICA 2023 in Toronto

  1. Bormann, M., Heinbach, D., Kluck, J., & Ziegele, M. (2023, accepted). Perceptions of and reactions to different types of incivility in public online discussions: Results of an online experiment.
  2. Frehmann, K., & Ziegele, M. (2023). Hybrid trust in voice assistants – A preliminary theoretical model. Vortrag auf der 73. Jahreskonferenz der International Communication Association (ICA, Toronto, Kanada, 25.-29.5.2023)
  3. Frehmann, K., Ziegele, M., Viehmann, C., & Quiring, O. (2023). Alexa, how dramatic is the current situation? Effects of using voice assistants in the Covid-19 pandemic for information purposes on perceptions of opinion climate and societal cohesion. Vortrag auf der 73. Jahreskonferenz der International Communication Association (ICA, Toronto, Kanada, 25.-29.5.2023)
  4. Hagemeyer, L., Vowe, G., Bernhard, U. (2023). How Propagandistic Is International News Channels’ Reporting? A Content Analysis of Youtube Uploads from the Nine Most Important International News Channels
  5. Heinbach, D., Ziegele, M., & Wilms, L. K. (2023, accepted). Empowering the community: How supportive moderation increases the quality and affects users’ perceptions of public online discussions.
  6. Mütschele, H. (2023). Persuasion as a Driving Force for Opinion Formation within Deliberation: A Systematic Literature Review. 73rd Annual International Communication Association (ICA), 25.-29. Mai 2022, Toronto.
  7. Ohliger, U., Jungblut, M., Vögele, C., Jandura, O. (2023). Do polls affect politics? – How journalists and politicians perceive political survey reporting.
  8. Scherer, H., Scheper, J., Eilders C., and Gerads, M. (2023). From Information Repertoires to Information Networks. The Sources of Environmental Monitoring.
  9. Scherer, H., Scheper, J., Eilders C., and Gerads, M. (2023). Caught Between Friends, Family and the Society – The Role of Close Reference Groups for Opinion Climate Perceptions and Opinion Expression Within the Spiral of Silence Theory.
  10. Strippel, C., Ziegele, M., Schindler, M., Laugwitz, L., Domahidi, E., Bormann, M., Reiners, L., Frischlich, L., Naab, T., Rieger, D., Puschmann, C., Schemer, C., & Ross, B. (2023). Hate speech, incivility and related concepts of disrespectful language on the Internet: A scoping review.
  11. Warnken, V. (2023). Opinion Forum Instagram? A Content Analysis of Instagram Posts by Political Social Media Influencers.
  12. Weinmann, C., Jandura, O., & Petersen, T. (2023). The influence of social vs. traditional mass media on the perception of the climate of opinion and the formative role of political affiliation. Paper accepted for the 73rd Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA), Toronto, Canada.
  13. Wilms, L., Stoll, A. & Ziegele, M. (2023). Uncovering educational bias in crowd-annotated data for automated classification of constructive and uncivil comments (CAT Division, work in progress)
  14. Wilms, L. (2023).  Is there a shared understanding of algorithmic transparency? A systematic literature review (CAT Division, Research Escalator)