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Working Paper & Factsheets

Working Paper Series: Fairness in Artificial Intelligence Reasoning

As part of the interdisciplinary project "Fair Artificial Intelligence Reasoning" (FAIR), funded by the VolkswagenStiftung, a working paper series of the same name has been published. The project was led by Frank Marcinkowski, Ulrich Rosar and Christopher Starke from the Department for Social Sciences and Stefan Conrad, Stefan Harmeling and Michael Leuschel from the Deparment for Computer Science.  The series includes an state-of-the-art report of AI applications at German universities, an overview article of fairness-aware machine learning, and a systematic review of fairness perceptions of AI applications. [Link]

Factsheets from the Opinion Monitor Artificial Intelligence

The Opinion Monitor Artificial Intelligence (Meinungsmonitor Künstliche Intelligenz [MeMo:KI]) continuously examines public and published opinion on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI). In this context, current topics related to AI are also repeatedly taken into account in the MeMo:KI investigations and made available to the interested public as factsheets. So far, current topics such as the use of AI in the fight against the Corona pandemic up to discrimination by AI have already been taken up in this format. [Link]


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