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Current Courses at the Chair (Summer Term 2021)

Bachelor of Social Sciences (BA SOWI), Communication and Media Studies (EF KMW):


History of Mass Communication (Dohle); BA SOWI, EF KMW [HISLSF]


Media Politics (Dohle); BA SOWI, EF KMW [HISLSF]

Media Use: Uses and Gratification (Marcinkowski); BA SOWI, EF KMW [HISLSF]

Sports and Media (Dohle); BA SOWI, EF KMW [HISLSF]

Media Entertainment (Dohle); BA SOWI, EF KMW [HISLSF]


Myths of the Digital Society (in English) (Lünich); BA SOWI, EF KMW [HISLSF]

Milestones in Media Effects Research (Dohle); BA SOWI, EF KMW [HISLSF]

Propädeutik-, Basis- und Methodenmodul:

Communication and Media Studies - Terminology, Theories and Models (u.a. Dohle & Lünich); BA SOWI, EF KMW

Research Projects:

Fairness in Artificial Intelligence (Marcinkowski); BA SOWI [HISLSF]

Lehre im Master Politische Kommunikation (MA PolKom)

Campaign Research 4.0 (Marcinkowski); MA PolKom [HISLSF]

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