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Election-O-Mat Research

  •     Duration: 2005-
  •     Funding: Federal Agency for Civic Education
  •     Notes: since 2009 in the form of contract research, previously as a grant in a cooperative project.
  •     Link: Wahl-O-Mat research

Elections in Stormy Times: New Patterns of Individual Communication and Information Using the Example of Wahl-O-Mat

Support of Political Decisions by Artificial Intelligence (UPEKI)

  •     Duration: 01/2019-12/2024
  •     Funding: Jürgen Manchot Foundation
  •     Link: Supporting political decisions through artificial intelligence

Transfer Barometer

  •     Duration: 10/2020-12/2021
  •     Funding: Donors' Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany
  •     Link: Transferbarometer

Who are we? - Fridays For Future meets Citizen Science

  •     Duration: 01/2020-06/2021
  •     Funding: Citizen University Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf within the framework of the "Support Fund for the Financing of Research Projects with Citizen Participation"
  •     Notes: Research collaboration between activists* of Fridays For Future in Düsseldorf and political scientists* of HHU Düsseldorf.
  •     Link: Fridays For Future meets Citizen Science

Progress College "Online Participation"

  •     Duration: 7/2014-12/2017
  •     Funding: Ministry of Science of the State of NRW
  •     Notes: Research training group with a total of 11 doctoral positions (two in political science), joint application with 16 other colleagues, spokesperson of the initiative: Prof. Mauve, Computer Science.
  •     Link: Research Training Group "Online Participation

Research Training Group "Linkage in Democracy. Political Representation in Heterogeneous Societies"

  •     Duration: 6/2012-5/2015
  •     Funding: Rectorate of the HHU Düsseldorf
  •     Notes: competitive call for proposals and approval by the Rectorate to fully fund five Research Training Groups with 10 fellows each.
  •     Link: Research Training Group "Linkage in Democracy. Political Representation in Heterogeneous Societies".

The effects of the Wahl-O-Mat on voting behavior - An investigation of effects of cognitive dissonance.

  • Duration: 3/2014-9/2014
  • Funding: Fritz Thyssen FoundationNotes: Preparation, implementation and evaluation of an experiment and a panel survey on the 2014 European election.

Voting Advice Applications – State of the Art and Perspectives

  • Laufzeit: 11/2011-3/2012
  • Förderung: Fritz Thyssen Stiftung
  • Anmerkungen: Tagungsfinanzierung (Vorbereitung, Durchführung, Nachbereitung)

Wahl-O-Mat Research - VAA Research

  •     Duration: 4/2011-4/2012
  •     Funding: Strategic Research Fund, HHU Düsseldorf
  •     Notes: analogous to a DFG procedure (anonymous) selection and funding of a project by HHU Düsseldorf.
  •     Link: Vote-O-Mat Research - VAA Research

VoteMatch-Europe: Surveys of the users

  •     Duration: 4/2009-10/2009
  •     Funding: Federal Agency for Civic Education
  •     Notes: Conducted a survey on behalf of the VoteMatch Europe consortium.

Cooperative Norm-Setting: Social and Technological Perspectives of Internet-Mediated Participation and Decision-Making

Parliamentary Control of Military Security Policy in the EU-25 States and the Iraq War 2003

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